Spring, 2014.

As the World comes out of the greatest recession we have known in recent times, United Metal Exports continues to expand into new markets and gain maket share in existing ones. With the global meltdown in equities and commodities prices still a recent memory, many businesses spent a great deal of time and resources struggling to climb out of the economic circumstances that gripped all of us. United Metal Exports appraoched its work over the past five years with cautious optimism, agreeing that only conscientiousness, resolve and tenacity will allow companies to survive and flourish in these tough economic times. We have used this time to further strengthen our relationships with our suppliers and delve into new markets. We expect this year of the Horse to be very successful.

Commodities prices have spent the last couple of months climbing up and regaining much of the disastrous slide. They remain in a tight pattern, bound by both decreased demand and supply. Global demand had plunged due to the worldwide recession started by the mortgage crisis of the United States, however -- prices are finally beginning to hold steady. Iron ore prices are seeing signs of life, and United Metal Exports has begun negotiations with some steel manufacturers needing to feed their blast furnaces. Scrap metal shipments continue as United Metal Exports increases efforts to expand its sourcing of materials.

United Metal Exports is now accepting electronics scrap. It has begun sourcing CRT monitors, hard drives, power supplies, and other scrap electronics. United Metal Exports is dedicated to the environmentally responsible recycling of these materials, and is committed to ensuring the tough environmental standards that are followed in the United States will serve as a guideline for scrap processing of materials in its facilities. The main issues that United Metal Exports is dealing with at present include safe handling of hazardous scrap generated, secure data destruction, re-use and remarketing of suitable components, and a zero landfill policy. Please check back often for updated progress on these fronts!

United Metal Exports continues to grow steadily in its core businesses. Overall, United Metal Exports expects the Year of the Horse to be a profitable year, but only through hard work and perseverance.

We wish you Gong Xi Fa Tsai for this upcoming year!