United Metal Exports is a US-based Direct Seller of materials needed in the manufacture of finished products. We process and export all grades of nonferrous and ferrous scrap to both domestic mills and international end-users. We ship coking coal used in making steel to international steel manufacturers. We also have developed relations to facilitate crude oil transactions.

United Metal Exports prides itself for not only on the reliable delivery of products, but also for focusing on providing the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. It is our goal to always meet or exceed your highest expectations.

United Metal Exports is a Direct Seller of:

  • All grades of scrap Copper
  • All grades of scrap Aluminum
  • All grades of scrap Steel
  • Metallurgical Coal
  • Crude Oil (acting as seller's mandate)

United Metal Exports Inc. was originally formed as a company specializing in exporting scrap metal. Its president and CEO, Stan Chen, is a second generation scrap metal exporter, processor and recycler. His father, J.J. Chen, was not only one of the original scrap metal exporters on the east coast of the United States, but also one of the original scrap metal processors allowed into China when the market opened in the late 1980's. Over the past 40 years, various divisions of the family business have culminated in transactions with a multitude of companies both in the United States and internationally.

Foreseeing the increase in demand of not only the metals, but also for the raw materials used in the manufacture of these metals, United Metal Exports undertook an expansion in recent years to acquire sources of metallurgical coal and iron ore.

As of 2008, United Metal Exports has secured interests in coking coal mines in Colombia, producing a superior hard coking coal product with a high calorific value. It has also developed relations with iron ore producers in Mexico which produce a high-recovery ore. United Metal Exports is currently working to implement 21st century standards for our materials sources, emphasizing ethical, moral, and sustainable use of land resources. We are taking steps to constantly improve on health, safety, and environmental performance, as well as contributing to social, economic, and institutional development in the communities that we operate.